How to Create Your Customer Profile

When meeting new people at networking events, I make it my goal to ask this one last question before leaving a conversation. "How will I know when I


We've heard it. We recognize it when we see it. Wehate it when we're on the receiving end of it. Yet for those in sales roles, you probably find

What Buyers Want

I was recently in the market for a new home and went to a well-known online site to see what was available in my market. Finding a home that got my

Consider Lead Nurturing Before Your Competition Does

Businesses plan to have their team members attend networking events in 2016 but research shows many are setting themselves up for

Nurture Leads, Increase Sales

They're on business cards in a box, a drawer, in your email contact list, and on your social media sites. We all have them but the question is, what

What is the Purple Cow Book About?

I remember the day I walked into management aisle of the bookstore and saw this purple book standing out in the rows of books. With my curiosity