Leadership Quotes by Famous People

In a world where it's easy for people and organizations to passively drift through life day by day, it's inspiring to have someone come alongside and

If Not Today, When?

  You know the one thing you need to do to move your life or business to the next level, but you simply haven't made it happen. When are

Rebels Win

There's no thrill in a person who talks a great talk but makes no difference. There's no appeal in a person who believes he's productive when in fact

The Power to Make a Difference

You hold within your hands the power to make a difference in a very simple way. For most people, we fail to make this difference simply because we

Mind The Gap

In recent conversations with business owners, it's obvious that there's a gap we all must mind. While we're working daily to improve the quality of

Soul-Satisfying Success

The greater the success, the greater the satisfaction. And apart from satisfaction, success has little meaning. The goal for me is to bring success