3 Tips for Growing Your Business

Today more than ever, account executives, business owners, and sales people are looking for ways to attract new clients, make more sales, and grow their business.   And the good news is that there are more than enough people ready and eager to buy the products and services we have to offer, but they’re looking for a specific kind of business.  One that is driven by mission and vision rather than the bottom line of the needing more sales to make more money.

People are eager to buy but they’re wanting to buy from people they know, like and trust.  How do we go about building this level of trust in order to effectively grow our business?


Buyers want to know how your company or product is going to make a difference for them.  They want to fee confident about the strengths you and your product bring to the table and they want to feel safe in choosing you above everyone else.  Trust, confidence and safety develop as you consistently show by your words and actions that you are in this process to bring value and success to the client.  When your client begins to sense you exist only to make a sale, you loose trust and become just another pushy sales person.  Remember, your goal is to inspire confidence and you do that by making the customer and their business better and more successful as a result of doing business with you.

The questions each business may want to ask is, “What tools can we begin using today that will help inspire genuine confidence in the potential clients we we hope to reach?”  And remember to inspire greater confidence in the customers you currently serve for they will continue being your greatest word of mouth asset, so inspire them!



Rise above your competition by making a conscious decision to work on your business rather than in it.  For many businesses, we achieve our goals, business goes well an customers buy our products.  This leaves us feeling good about our accomplishments but often times it leaves us content to settle for “good” to the detriment of the “great”.  The danger here is that while we’re coasting along in our successes, the competition is ramping up business and customer service in ways that will win market share.

What are we to do?  Find tangible ways to stand out as remarkable while truly making a difference.  To be remarkable means that we build an outstanding customer service culture that becomes more than words on a page.  This culture must define who we are as business owners, who our employees are as key players in building this culture and this culture must clearly define our business at all times.

What will your business look like once you evaluate your current state and intentionally create a culture that is truly remarkable in the way you reach new customers, serve your current customers and far surpass the service of your competitors.



In today’s economy, customers expect a consistent product delivered with ease.  Most customers have come to expect good customer service yet only on occasion do they encounter service that exceed their expectations without being asked.  Yet when a business does, a buzz of positive energy is generated around a companies products and services.  And in our social media driven society, positive word of mouth experiences have the power to catapult your business into unforeseen realms of explosive growth.

Ask yourself these questions:

“When a customer interacts with our business and our employees, do we give them reason to walk away from that experience feeling ‘wowed’ beyond belief?  Or is your business just ‘good enough” that it fails to stand out in the busy landscape of the competition.?”

“What can you do differently today that will position your business to “Wow” customers in such a way that you exceed their expectations and capture their attention before they encounter your business, while they’re interacting personally with your business, and long after the sale has been completed?”

The challenge before you today is to think creatively and strategically about ways that you can inspire your customers, stand out as the remarkable business in your industry, and truly exceed the expectation of your customers.  “WOW” is the goal of the day…go for it!

2 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Your Name Online

Here the top two reasons why buying your own yourname.com is essential to your own personal success.

1. You are a cog until you are a brand.

Some of the smartest people on earth contribute nothing to to themselves other than a paycheck. Their work all contributes to a brand that they have no control over and a brand that could dump them at a moments notice. Jobs, customers, clients…nothing is secure in this economy. Unless you own your own brand, you are merely a cog in someone else’s brand. Building someone else’s brand doesn’t secure anything. Your clients can still leave, your job can still disappear…anything can happen.

3. Are you getting found? No brand? Then probably not.

Google has changed the world. Before Google, search engines existed and filled the need, but Google brought forth a new way of discovering information. It helped to unleash the information age and allows any sort of information to be at our fingertips. With it, has come a new method for finding people, products, and services. If you can’t be found it’s because someone else is being found online instead. Branding is the answer to this problem.

There are dozens of Ryan Payne’s scattered around the world, and yet I am the one that owns the only piece of real estate on the web that bears our awesome name. When people search for Ryan Payne, they find me. This isn’t significant unless you consider and recognize the true value of branding. Branding sets you apart from everyone else. If you are a brand, you are in control and you are an expert. It’s an image that can never be fired.

Republished with permission from Ryan Payne.